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  • Designed for students facing significant challenges despite Tier 1 and Tier 2 support

1:1 service through our family support specialists 

  • Tailor-made intensive interventions

  • One-on one or small-group sessions with specialized teachers or support staff

  • Continuous monitoring of progress with necessary adjustments

Targeted Support: Group Sessions with sisu providers

  • Designed for students needing additional support beyond Tier 1

  • Targeted interventions addressing specific areas of struggle

  • Sisu forms small groups identified by teachers/administrators for targeted instruction or extra resources to catch up.

  • Continuous progress monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of additional assistance

Universal Support SEL

  • Base camp of MTSS, providing excellent instruction and support in the regular classroom

  • Teachers utilize effective techniques and strategies suitable for
    most students

  • Diverse teaching styles and behavior tricks create an
    engaging learning environment

  • Grade-level specific 12-week courses focus on
        building confidence, managing anxiety, and
           understanding complex topics like

               depression and grief.

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