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Welcome to sisu, where we empower teenagers and their families with essential mental health skills. 

How it works

We understand that the teenage years can be challenging and transformative. That's why we provide comprehensive programs that address the critical shortage of mental health clinicians, ensuring that teens and their caregivers have access to safe, therapist-approved content and support.

From educators and clinicians to writers, technologists, and Emmy Award-winning filmmakers, each member of our team brings their unique talents and expertise to every program.

The Full Story


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Build SEL Skills

Central to the platform’s approach is social and emotional learning (SEL), which empowers teens and adults to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions.

We believe

in early intervention and support. We bridge the gap between the time a teen seeks help and the availability of a mental health provider. By delivering mental health support directly to teens and their families, we ensure that they receive the care they need before a provider is available.

Our programs have been developed by talented professionals with extensive experience from the following institutions: 

Hannah Gregg,

Executive Producer

“Just being a teen with mental health issues that were not supported in a way that I would have liked, this was so important to me to figure out how we make the content safe and inclusive."

A message from our team

Erin Little,

Chief Executive Officer

“We didn’t want to make something that is talking down to you by telling you everything will be solved if you just go take a walk and get more sleep. We wanted to make a practical tool that’s actually going to help you."

Joseph Purfield,

Executive Producer

"If I look back to any resources like sisu that I looked for growing up, they could sometimes be so othering. With the filming, we wanted to make sure that people feel included - that other people are experiencing this. It's not just an individual problem you're facing. We're doing this together."

Sisu came out of Healthworx

Healthworx Studio, a non-profit venture studio founded in 2023, aims to build healthcare businesses that enhance accessibility, affordability, and quality across various healthcare stakeholders. Applying a phased approach, we prioritize problem definition, solution viability, feasibility, and long-term impact. Our goal is to launch 6+ businesses within three years, securing investment capital and market scaling. Currently, our portfolio focuses on caregiving, family and adolescent mental health, aging-in-place for seniors, and digestive health.

interested in bringing sisu to your school?

Let's talk! Pricing available upon request.

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