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mental health support your students deserve

Social and emotional development is more than just a tick-box exercise. Educators are often asked to do it all: build a generation of resilient teens with empathy, self-awareness, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills all while striving toward academic achievement. Our digital wellness solutions give students the ecosystem of support they deserve while allowing educators to focus on what they are best at in the classroom.

Making student wellbeing a joint endeavor

Because when they thrive, the whole school community thrives.

Building a culture of caring in your school community

You want the best for your students. You want them to build integral emotional and social skills. But staff are spread thin, and you’re not exactly sure how to go about it. That’s where sisu comes in. Our 12-week program helps you build a culture of wellbeing in your school community, while your students develop resilience and emotional regulation.

Mental health education in their language

The last thing your students want is another obligatory class or someone thirty years their senior telling them what to do with their feelings. Sisu is designed by therapists to be engaging and intuitive for teens, communicating in their native digital language, so your students feels excited to build social and emotional resilience.

Support and understanding, every step of the way

We match your teen with a college-aged Near Peer Mentor (NPM) to help them feel seen and understood by someone they relate to. Their NPM has a background in crisis prevention and can be messaged for support throughout the week.And for parents? A licensed Family Support Specialist to guide goal setting and evaluate family’s progress.

What we offer:

Proactive & Preventative

Tailored to students' unique needs

MTSS Ecosystem approach

One day implementation

Minimal staff oversight

Data driven

Integrate sisu at your school

Integrate sisu at your school

Each student and their parents receive an invitation to create their own sisu account. Students can start the first week of content and connect with their care team.

Enjoy the fruits of a community that cares
With sisu on your side, your entire school community will feel the benefits of prioritizing wellbeing, supporting one another, and being open about mental health.





Register your interest
We'll collect a few key details about your school and how you plan to use sisu, and be in touch shortly to organize our partnership.

Evaluate your progress 
Each student’s parents meet with a Family Support Specialist every 4 weeks to check-in on their teen’s progress. You meet with our team to see how it’s working for your school.

interested in bringing sisu to your school?

Let's talk! Pricing available upon request.

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